Development of Faculty Members

By Xiaopu Shang | January 13, 2022


Development of Faculty Members.


The University and the School recognize that the professional development of faculty members is key to the institution’s performance and its future. Hence a range of initiatives have been promulgated, including: Opinions on Strengthening the Development of Talent at Beijing Jiaotong University; Interim measures for BJTU to Encourage Young Faculty Members to Take Up Temporary Positions for Training; Implementation Measures for Selecting Key Faculty Members from the School of Economic Management to Study Abroad; Management Measures for Faculty Members in SEM to Acquire Business Experience

Importance and/or impact of the best practice

Development and training is a key issue for talent management. These measures for faculty members development are essential for a business school, especially for professional development.


Beijing Jiaotong University

Xiaopu Shang

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