To build 360-degree feedback for administration staff

By WU Xiaohui | January 13, 2022


To build 360-degree feedback for administration staff.


In order to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the employee, we try to build a 360-degree performance appraisal system. The superiors, subordinates, colleagues, students and administrative members are all included as the evaluators. Key performance indicators were chosen differently based on the job characteristics of administrative members. The results of the evaluation will serve as a reference for one’s rewards, punishments training, etc.

Importance and/or impact of the best practice

360-degree feedback provides an overall analysis of the performance of the administration staff. It also helps increasing the self-awareness of an employee and identifying one’s strengths and their weaknesses.What’s more, it helps employees to know themselves from others’ perspectives and bridges the gap between what they think of themselves and what others think of them.


Tongji University

WU Xiaohui

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