Performance Evaluation for Faculty Members

By Xiaopu Shang | January 13, 2022


Performance Evaluation for Faculty Members.


Every four years there is an employment evaluation, which sets different performance expectations for the different academic ranks-Professor, Associate Professor, Lecturer and Researcher. The evaluation system also covers the performance of leadership duties for Associate Deans and Heads of Department. Faculty members complete a form that summarizes their research, teaching and service over the last four years, against the criteria set out in their employment contract. The SEM Human Resources Office makes an initial determination of whether or not a faculty member has met the expectations set and the information is passed to the Faculty promotion and Evaluation Committee, made up of nine experienced faculty members. If the Committee agrees that a faculty member has met the necessary criteria, it recommends contract renewal to the Executive Committee. If a faculty member has not met the criteria, the Executive Committee requires them to find employment elsewhere or to take a lesser position as Research Assistant. Implementing the “one-vote veto” in the morality assessment of faculties and staff and ensuring the morality meets the requirements strictly.

Importance and/or impact of the best practice

The strict and normalized performance evaluation process provides a clear guidance for the development of faculty members.


Beijing Jiaotong University

Xiaopu Shang

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